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18:58TTilus x6a616e: i think you can, there was some weird #send trick to do that
18:58TTilus (or i could just be terribly wrong)
19:02x6a616e TTilus: with #send you can invoke private methods
19:03x6a616e dunno how to leverage it to access instance var :-/
19:05x6a616e i3d: usually I use rspec::mocks
19:05dlisboa x6a616e: #instance_variable_get ?
19:06x6a616e dlisboa: phew I forgot that ..
19:19UrbanVegan How can I use "%" in a string as just another character (meaning "percent")?
19:20ddfreyne "%"
19:20ddfreyne :)
19:20ddfreyne no need to escape it
19:20dominikh %%
19:21dominikh ddfreyne: if you use something like "%string" % 1
19:21dominikh eh
19:21dominikh you get the idea
19:21ddfreyne "foo %s bar" % [ 'hello' ] # => "foo hello bar"
19:21dominikh lets assume he has some other % stuff he wants to be replaced
19:21ddfreyne "foo %% %s bar" % [ 'hello' ] # => "foo % hello bar"
19:21dominikh and some he doesnt want to
20:07bougyman docs should be in /usr/share, not /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/doc, too
20:07bougyman FHS is OS agnostic.
20:08drbrain bougyman: FreeBSD doesn't follow the FHS
20:08drbrain Apple doesn't follow the FHS, and windows doesn't follow the FHS
20:08drbrain I really don't care about people who say "you don't X, Y or Z!" and won't pony up patches
20:11bougyman the fbsd list seems split over FHS compliance
20:11bougyman some of em want it, some give it the finger.
20:11drbrain that's because they already have the heir man page
20:12bougyman looks like they gave in on mounts to FHS 2.2 (freebsd did)
20:12bougyman winFS was said to be FHS compliant.
20:12bougyman maybe we'll see that in the next MS product.
20:13bougyman it was supposed to be in Vista, but got scrapped.
20:13ddfreyne stuff in /bin should have config stuff in /etc, stuff in /usr/bin should have their configs in /usr/etc, ... IMO
20:13ddfreyne stuff in ~/bin should have their configs in ~/etc
20:13ddfreyne that would make a lot more sense than it does now
20:13ddfreyne ... what kind of names are "etc" and "var" anyway?
20:13ddfreyne "config" and "data" would have made more sense
20:14bougyman they make sense to me.
20:14ddfreyne even 'etc'? etcetera? "all the rest of the stuff goes here"?
20:14bougyman etc. and variable are how I read them.
20:14catalystmediastu Does anyone know of a gem or Rails plugin that converts rtf documents to HTML? I've
20:15wmoxam catalystmediastu: I doubt it, you'll probably have to find a tool that does it, and call the tool
20:15ddfreyne bougyman: you can't really say that 'etc' is a better name than 'config'
20:16catalystmediastu wmoxam: I'll start looking for a generic tool for linux then. Thanks!
20:16wmoxam catalystmediastu: <-- might work
20:17catalystmediastu wmoxam: Ahh that looks like it might. Thank you!
20:17wmoxam np
20:17bougyman catalystmediastu: unrtf works well for that.
20:20catalystmediastu bougyman: Thanks, that looks like a good tool too. I'll look into them both a little more.